fabMaker is a maker friendly construction library made in processing. With the programming interface one is able to design pieces that will snap together. The different shapes can be exported as PDF for proudction on a laser cutter, CNC machine etc.. Go to the Kit page browse through our library of Ready-to-assemble project that can be produced on a laser cutter or go to the documentation to start designing your own kits.


  • Multiples shapes: Polygons, Triangles, Rectangles, Circles, Lines
  • Multiple linetypes and jointtypes: Straight, Pop, Finger, Ziptie
  • Two box generators: Inset box, Traditional Finger box
  • Dynamic parameters: Tightness of connecters, Material Size
  • Zoom, drag, Scroll navigation
  • PDF Export
  • MM Scaling with high precision
  • Holes for mounting servos

Quick Video demo

Example Sheet

The system is easily extendable with new elements. We invite the community to submit their own designs and methods to the site. Please send any contributions to

The API is developed by Mads Hobye as a part of Fablab RUC at Roskilde University.


NodeMCU enclosure (neoPixel project)


This is a compact NodeMCU enclosure for a neopixel project. Use this as a template for you own NodeMCU projects. You need: 3mm acrylic 4 3mx16 Nuts and bolts. nodeMCU. MicroUSB cable with a compact connector. Download code and pdf from here The project was made to make a compact…

Generic Arduino Wireless Game Controller


Introduction The Generic Arduino Wireless Game Controller consists two parts; a case for the controller made in a laser cutter and a simple code for controlling servos wireless using joypads and Arduino boards. The conditions for building this project is that you should have some, if not little, knowledge to…

BendableWood TreadTank


The treadtank is a motor controlled vehicle build with the function of bending wood. The function we’ve used to create the bendable pattern is included in the code and follows the theoretical principles of bending wood. The tank is created for the purpose of entertainment and to illustrate the…

Kit: Cajon


This Cajon is an alternative to the original Cajon Drum Box. By using the following instruction you can easily build your own alternative Cajon. We wanted to challenge the original one using different material for making various sounds. The front will have a more basic snare drum sound while the…

Kit: Quadcopter


This is a Fablab friendly, hackable QuadCopter frame for you to experiment with. It is based on X configuration and is compatible with most 250mm FPV QUAD kits. Materials: One 500x800 mm HDF board (preferably 4mm thick, but 3mm works as well). 250mm Quadcopter kit e.g. this on ebay.…

Kit: Rubber Band Shooter Turret (Joystick controlled)


This is a easy-modifiable rubberband shooting turret, build to be controlled by a wireless Playstation 2 joystick. The kit consist of: Code for the turret controls and building pieces, easy to modify for your needs. Laser Cutting PDF of the building pieces. A simple guide to get started. 1. Materials…

Kit: Equalizer Lamp

kits / lamp / equalizer / LED / frequens / music / light / interactive / RUC / HUMTEK / FABLAB / Processor / Arduino / segment / plexiglas / programming / Natalie Roosta / Maria Holmgaard Meyer / Kasper Fraenkel / Juliane Engelbrecht / Jakob Hastrup / Stephanie Phuong Lam / iværksættere / Interactive Experience / workshop / LEGO

The Equalizer Lamp This is a lamp with a build-in Fast Fourier Transformer (created by Arduino). The lamp reacts on frequencies in music and has three layers. It is divided in different segments. The start color is green and turning into other colors, when it reacts on the frequencies in…

Wall-E Malone - The drawing robot


Make your own drawing robot Made by: Caroline Malling, Emma Striib Nielsen, Johanne Engbirk, Lucca Marie Nielsen, Malene Hoffmeyer, & Tue Brisson Mosich Introduction Wall-E is a drawing robot, which is made out of laser cut wood. If using the guide, he is easy to assemble. He is driven by…

Kit: Test Pattern to adjust the fit of the joints


Depending on the precision of the machinery and the type of material used to produce the cut pieces it may be necessary to adjust the inset and offset variables of the generated design. This can be a tedious process of iterating between adjusting and cutting the pieces. To speed up…

Kit: Spirograph


Mads Hobye has made a easy-to-assemble spirograph kit. This spirograph uses a scisser shaped structure and two continuous servos to create the patterns. The setup is designed to allow for multiple different movement patterns based on the configuration of the motors and the arm joints. Here are the steps for…